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chie's mandarin


Chie singing "月亮代表我的心" in mandarin. Not bad? You can make out most of the words...
Randomly, I always like singing rather than speaking in chinese. I have the typical American accent where my intonation falls flat because I'm not used to forcing each and every syllable into a specific "tone." But when you're singing, it's not really an issue...this extends to most foreign languages, now that I think about it.

footloose screenwriter

visits Takarazuka footloose.

Not anything new...but it's nice sometimes to be able to actually read blog entries.

Also still sad I never got to see Kimu's last show. Saw Kaname's instead, but live-action scifi...not so fun. But kinda funny. ^^; Somehow everyone lowers their voice but not the volume when they're being Really Serious. I thought it was a Takarazuka Thing, but my sister said her high school students do it too, so it's a Japanese Thing? Also I think we managed to get there on a bad-Kaname day. She sounded not-so-good. Or was it that the girl with the really big eyes just showed her up? Everyone was redonkilously good-looking, of course.

And they're all SO YOUNG now. O.O

Jun. 4th, 2011


GRR No one's up to celebrate with me.

...Not that any of my friends are tennis fans, but still.

I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WON :))) SO AWESOME :D She caught our eye a while back, because her game was good and she's got one of the largest frames I've seen on an asian player, but the freakin french open!!! I think she's the first woman to earn it (the guys had Michael Chang). Now, how am I going to get a recording of this thing, since I missed all but the highlights. Pooh.


I don't suppose they'd be better fried?

My mom occasionally drags me to the chinese herbalist for a checkup, and I usually come home with a bag of dried vegetation to boil down and drink. Nasty tasting, but what can you do?

Normally, I don't pay attention to the stuff I'm boiling down - dump into pot, simmer for 4 hours, strain out unrecognizable mushy twigs, and drink. I can't tell anything apart, anyway.

Until today. Today I looked into the bag and noticed one *very* distinct ingredient on top. Yes, those are what they appear to be.

ಠ_ಠ <--- one of the many faces I made

At least they don't look like their cousins I met in asia, because I might have barfed right then and there. (If those are what the asian ones look like after being dried, for the love of all that is decent and good, don't tell me.) To echo one of the Top Chef contestants, I'll eat any kind of eyeball, brain, anything -- but bugs. Especially those. <-- was totally traumatized 10 years ago by a swarm of cockroaches -___-;;


Not Yuuhi

But similar. And much younger.

She has a Nokia N8 in the video, lucky girl.



f(x) gets a mention on Afterellen and all the kpop fans come out of the woodwork. XD
I fell off the zuka wagon and I can't seem to get back on. Ack. Basically, who are all these young'uns and why are they suddenly ten years younger than me? :(

At least there's this to motivate me into learning about people-who-aren't-top-stars. If you haven't seen this...well, you should. I thought someone was going to roundhouse kick the lighting or camera. XD

direct link if it doesn't load.


Veins popping and covered with sweat, yup.

Yeah, I'm a little late. But it was a late night. And an great, great game.



I don't even know what this is about. But I'd watch it, if only for the Miya Rurika parts. XD

Also, their "I love you" song is "Right Here Waiting for You" - awww.


Last sporcle post for a while. I swear.


"TAKARAZUKA" IS NOW AN OFFICIAL TAG ON SPORCLE. ^_______________^ Which means it's now no longer impossible to search for Takarazuka-related quizzes.

I put two new quizzes up. XD Also changed up the fast vocab quiz...